I needed foundation work done on my cottage and asked around the lake for references,Up and Up contracting kept coming up. So I made an appt. with Charles he offered several options but recommended a system that used Styrofoam insulation under the piers for my cottage. That work got done when promised and all is good so far, the work also came with a 2yr warranty. Thanks,Charles.


Dennis and Brenda Dusureault




Charles and his team raised our cottage and built a full basement. They were professional, timely and good workmanship, we highly recommend their services.



Kris and Dewar Boyce

1016 Forbees Lane, Irondale



Up And Up removed all the old leaning piers supporting our cottage, replaced them with a better pier system and re-leveled the building.  Charlie provided a cost estimate and a time frame he expected the work could be done.  The job was well done,  as per the cost estimate and on time!


Don B.


Jack up cottages

Raise cottages

Foundation problems

Wet basements

Water problems

Spring runoff problems

Cottage leveling

Piers leaning

Rotten wood beams

Cottage falling

Sona tubes for decks and cottages.

Floors unlevel

Cracked block walls

My wife and I decided it was time to make our cottage a fully functional home prior to selling our house in the city and moving north full time. We went out for several quotes to raise the existing structure, build a proper foundation and lower the cottage / deck back into place. After getting ideas from several contractors we felt most comfortable with Up & Up Contracting. We felt that we were getting honest advise from a company with vast experience. We also could not find any complaints from previous customers. In hindsight we made the absolute correct decision in choosing Up & Up. Charlie and his crew were great and while watching the whole process we could tell that they were very experienced at what they do. As in any project, unexpected issues come into play. After excavating the ground they found bedrock in one of the corners where the foundation was going. Charlie gave us our options, build around it of remove it. We decided to have Up & Up remove the bedrock and after a small delay they were back on track installing the foundation. When everything was completed they graded and landscaped the property and left us with absolutely no clean up to do. We would not hesitate recommending Up & Up Contracting to anyone. They are experts at their work and a pleasure to deal with.


The Muirs

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